Some Moe Running Commentary

Inspiration, motivation, and various thoughts on life as seen through the eyes of a long distance runner.

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Jun 6th, 2016 by moebrown at 2:16 pm

When pursuing any goal you are likely to hit a metaphoric wall that can stop your progress. When doing so, it's important to use hitting that wall as a learning experience enabling you to gain knowledge, strength and determination that will empower you to persevere and be successful in the future. In this episode I share with you my "Ode to the Wall" which was inspired by a recent marathon experience. 

Oct 19th, 2015 by moebrown at 9:50 am

Everyday we are bombarded with negativity from constant exposure to information from TV, internet, radio and print. Sometimes it seems like the world has gone mad. If we're not careful it can negatively affect our health. In this episode I share with you methods to reduce stress and to promote positivity in your life and your environment. 

Aug 12th, 2015 by moebrown at 7:42 am

In this episode I take you back to August of 2014 and share with you a run I had on my 48th birthday in which I pondered the effects of age on athletic performance as well as the overall attitude we should have regarding aging and our abilities.

Jun 3rd, 2015 by moebrown at 8:59 am

In this episode I reference the classic 80's sports movie Vision Quest, using the main character Louden Swain and his desire to take on the undefeated wrestler "Shute", as a metaphor for taking on the challenges we face in life.

Apr 28th, 2015 by moebrown at 8:16 am

The 119th running of The Boston Marathon was recently completed. As a lover of this great event, and having run it 7 times to date,  I use this episode to share my experiences at the 2011 race (in which I set a course personal record) and talk about how running a marathon is a metaphor for life and striving to achieve any goal.

Feb 28th, 2015 by moebrown at 1:28 pm

In this episode I share my thoughts,which I attained during a snowy early evening run,on how running is a catalyst for happiness throughout life.

Dec 3rd, 2014 by moebrown at 12:00 pm

The annual running of the NYC Marathon was held just a little over a month ago. After doing some reminiscing about my experiences at the 2008 race I thought this would be a good opportunity to dig into the archives and share with you my play-by-play, the race as seen through my eyes. 

Oct 21st, 2014 by moebrown at 12:02 pm

In this episode I share with you some challenges I faced during a 200 mile team relay race and use them as a metaphor for overcoming challenges in life.

Here is a link to the Rocky Balboa speech mentioned within this podcast
Aug 29th, 2014 by moebrown at 11:21 am

I briefly ponder what the world would be like if everyone was a runner.

Jul 28th, 2014 by moebrown at 6:53 am

I share with you a lesson I learned by watching a hawk during a recent run.